About the Artist: Rebecca Rath


I live with my family on a vineyard in Pokolbin, NSW, Australia.
While an academic with a strong philosophical bent, ideally, I want nothing more than for others to experience the joy of art and nature. Working straight from nature & en plein air from my bush studio enables me to fully capture my love of the Hunter Valley landscape.
I completed my Bachelor Fine Arts Honours from New South Wales University and participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Australia, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, China and Switzerland.

What’s the origin of your story?

I never thought about the idea of becoming an artist. I just loved making things. It was my safe place. It was a place I would go if I was lonely, bored, sad or even happy or excited. I was bullied at school and the typical outsider. As a result, earlier in high school, I was mixed up with a colourful group of kids. It was an interesting time, but I felt safe in the art department in high school. I loved my art teacher and I would spend lunch times in the art room. It was a place where I could retreat. Where I could be me and be free. After high school I ‘fell’ into art school. I tried out for a Graphic Design Diploma but wasn’t accepted. The college had late applications for the Fine Art Diploma. I sat the drawing test and was accepted that day. University followed and I’ve been working since then. That was over 20 years ago.

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome?

Myself. My self-doubt. This is an ongoing . Being bullied, my self-esteem got a beating. The saying that artists are their own worse critic is true for me. Overcoming my own inner critic has been an ongoing challenge.

How did it feel being in that difficult moment?

The feeling of not being good enough is horrible. Even the thought of those school moments brings a lump in my throat. Art has helped me through these times.

How did you find the Light?

3 years ago, my health and my art career were in a terrible state. I knew something had to change. My health and art needed a big kick up the......! I changed my focus. I started to look at my business differently. I decided not to finish my Masters but learn business. I chose a business course over more academic study. I also started to look at my health. I decided to learn the gentle healing energy artform of Reiki together with Donna Eden Energy Medicine. It’s been a challenge but one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Pain or love will shift people and I had experienced enough pain. Everything in my life shifted after I made this decision.

What is your mantra or what do you value as an artist?

My mantra, which has been inspired by my art journey, is that I choose to see how I can manifest my goals rather than dwell on how I can’t or what is holding me back. I choose not to be a victim nor a martyr but be empowered by my life lessons.

There are so many wonderful art/life analogies, which includes and not limited to, the idea of the line. To get from point A to point B in life can take a series of different routes or lines. It doesn’t always have to be a straight line but a beautiful free flowing line which has many ups and downs, twists and turns.

Art has also enabled me to make beautiful connections with people. I’ve been fortunate to exhibit nationally and internationally, attend international artist residencies, teach and learn. Though these experiences I’ve had the amazing opportunity to meet talented and inspiring people. I’m very grateful.

What is your art about?

My art is inspired by the essence of the land through the intuitive and authentic freedom of my painter’s eye. My love of the Hunter Valley and sense of place is reflected in my work. I love the illusory painterly mark . I use it to express the rich history and energetic power of the Hunter Valley landscape - where I live.

Why do you make art?

Making art, all kinds of art, is about expressing emotion. As artisans we make tangible, the intangible. I create because I am driven to express these emotions. I’m deeply committed to highlight the profound beauty of our environment.

We read images more powerfully than we read the written word. My desire to connect with others along with my innate need to create, helps fulfill my desire to highlight the importance of Nature.

To create is also a deep connection with something which is external yet internal to us. When I create, I feel a pure sense of flow. Time stops. Thought stops and I’m completely in the now. This is especially true when I create outside (en plein air). I am acutely connected with Nature. I’m not thinking about it but feeling it, being in a flow state. It is magical and intuitive. I love it.